Senin, 03 September 2007

Film Langka dan Unik

Silahkan Pilih Judul-Judul Film Dibawah Ini !!

1. Drunk Students 2 (For PC Only)

Summary: As the title implies, two schoolgirls, in seperate scenes, are approached on the street and taken to a hotel room. They are plied with alcohol then sexually trampled by the guys in the room. Both of the girls are very, very average looking but they do give off a lot of energy. This may be the flick for you if you've ever had the fantasy of taking advantage of a druken woman!

Ps: Cewe sekolah jepang, bnr2 ditarik dari jalanan, dibawa ke hotel, dikasih minum beer, trus....

Rp 20.000,-

2. 100 Women Who Want to See the Penis (For PC Only)

Summary: 100 girls watching and having sex onstage and in private rooms. If you are into variety, this movie is the one for you. The girls are fair to good looking and the sex is good since the girls really look like they are having real orgasms.

Ps: cewe2 lugu yang baru pertama liat 'burung', ada undian buat ngrasain sex langsung.

Rp 20.000,-

3. 50 Beautiful Woman Game and Punishment (For PC Only)

Summary: Eye boggling display of many many naked bodies. As the title suggests, the games are like 'punishments' for the gorgeous ladies, who are game enough to let themselves teased and cuddled by men dressed in black. No penetrations of dicks here. But splendid for those looking for pure great
orgy fun!

Ps: Game diman cewe2nya disuruh diem mematung terus ada org yg bertugas me'rangsang' cewe yg gak boleh gerak itu

Rp 20.000,-

4. 500 People Having sex-1@12.500 (For PC Only)

Summary: Imagine a horny sex-starved girl moaning while having sex. Now take that and times 250!! The moans and cries of the 250 girls in this clip
is highly arousing and it itself is a selling point for this wonderful clip. Not to mention that you will get to see 500 people fucking all at the same
time with uniform positions! I will highly recommend this clip as you will
see the 500 japanese fuck their way into the world record. A note of caution though: remember to lower down the volume!!

Ps: 250 cewe dan 250 cowo dikumpulin dalam 1 ruangan, ML dengan gaya yg sama, mulainya serentak, tapi ngecrutnya beda2 waktunya hehe, yg kluarnya cepet terpaksa nunggu haha, banyak yg cakep2 juga cewenya

Rp 20.000,-

5. Mass Hypnosis (For PC Only)

Summary: Well, after a long and slow start with lots of girls doing nasty
stuff under hypnosis the movie takes off with a rather long mass orgy scene.
It's fun to watch but a bit lengthy at times. Still the ending scene pays
back for the long wait. Incredible blow and fuck action with over 30 pretty
girls. Not quite a daily sight.

Ps: Hypnotisssssss abis itu di............

Rp 20.000,-

6. Hareem- (For PC Only)
*no preview available

Summary:cowo ditarik terus dimasukin ke suatu tempat dimana di tempat itu udah nunggu cewe2 berbikini yg kemudian buka baju, dan tuh cowo dipuasin abis d hehe, dari handsjob sampe maen, impian tiap cowo d. Warning :harem inside.
Rp 20.000,-

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